PAMHA U11A and U13A Evaluations

Below you will find the group assignments and skate schedules for players participating in U11A and U13A,  all players are asked to attend these skates, even if they have previously participated in the LMHL AA Evaluation process.   All players will be drafted to a team on Monday October 2nd.   Players will receive their Evaluation Jerseys at the rink ahead of their first skate time listed below.   There will be a coach/volunteer there handing out the assigned Jersey to each player.  Please plan to arrive a few minutes early to allow for this process.Unfortunately given the very tight turnaround times, we are unable to accommodate requests to change players assigned groups/skate times.  We understand that families are very busy and while it is encouraged that all players attend all skate times, if your player must miss a skate there is no problem,  they will be evaluated during the skates they do attend and will be drafted to a team.   It is very helpful to our coaches, who are attempting to ensure that all teams are on an even playing field through the draft process, for all players to participate in all of the assigned skates.

Questions can be directed to,  please remember that we receive a high volume of emails each day, so it does take us some time to get back to everyone.
We appreciate your patience.

PAMHA U11A and U13A EVALUATION Skate Schedule

U11A Schedule

U13A Schedule