Port Arthur Minor Hockey Association

U7 Program Information

Welcome to the PAMHA U7 Program!  Our program is based on the Timbits U7 Player Pathway from Hockey Canada.

U7 Hockey is a progressive, learn-to-play curriculum for 4, 5 and 6 year olds.  Children learn through participating in practice drills and informal games like shinny, freeze tag, and obstacle courses.


U7 Goals include Additional PAMHA Goals include
  • Have Fun, Get Active
  • Learn Fundamental Hockey Skills
  • Develop & Refine Basic Motor Patterns
  • Practice Cooperation & Fair Play
  • Recruit Coaches as well as Players
  • Prepare Players for U9 Hockey

For more information on the U7 Player Pathway please click the Pathway buttons.

PAMHA U7 Season Structure

Our Season runs from October to March and consists of 4 Phases:

  1. Preparation/Evaluation Phase
  2. Development Phase
  3. Regular season Phase
  4. End-of-Season Phase

For more details, please see the PAMHA U7 Season Structure updated for the 2023-24 Season.



Click the titles for answers to Frequently Asked Questions about how PAMHA U7 Hockey is implemented.  If you still have questions, you can submit them using the Contact Form below.

What is the first rule of PAMHA U7 Hockey?

The first rule of PAMHA U7 Hockey is always HAVE FUN!!

What Ages Can Play U7?

For the 2023-2024 season, recommended U7 ages are players born in 2017, 2018, 2019.

Under certain circumstances, we can accept players born in 2016 by following the Participation of Overage Players Policy.  Please use the question form below to contact one of our Conveners if this may apply to your Player.

For Players born 2020, please use the question form below to contact one of our Conveners.

Where and What Day Does U7 Play?

We usually play on Wednesday and Saturday at Grandview Arena, 300 Madeline Street.  Our ice is confirmed in late August/early September.

What TIme Does U7 Play?

Our beginners and less experienced players are usually on the ice at 5:00 pm Wednesday and 9:00 am Saturday for the whole season.

Our older and more experienced players are usually on the ice at 7:00 pm Wednesday for the whole season. Saturday is at 11:00 am until teams are formed in mid-November. Start time on Saturday is either 10:00 am or 11:00 am once teams are formed.

Our players that are in between the descriptions mentioned skate at 6:00 pm Wednesday for the whole season. Saturday is at 10:00 am until teams are formed in mid-November. Start time on Saturday is either 10:00 am or 11:00 am once teams are formed.

All ice times are 1 hour in length.

How Many Divisions and Teams are there?

We usually have enough players to form 2 divisions, Mite and Tyke. Each division has 4 teams.

Our Mite Division is generally younger and/or less experienced players while our older and/or more experienced players are in the Tyke Division.

Having multiple divisions helps players develop with peers their own age and skill level.

How long is the season?

For the 2023-24 Season, our anticipated start date is Wednesday October 4th, 2023 and our Year-End Festival is Saturday March 9th, 2024.  We also attend a Jamboree that is usually held on the Saturday following March Break.  Please check the PAMHA U7 Season Structure for more info.

How many times are we on the ice?

We are on the ice twice a week.  There will be approximately 38 to 40 practices and scrimmages/games.  We also attend a Jamboree in January and Jamboree in March.  There are a couple extra dates for a Year-End Festival and Picture Day.

What Equipment is Needed?

Full equipment is needed for U7.  This includes:

Helmet with CSA Approved Faceguard and Chin Strap Mouthguard
BNQ Certified Neck Guard Shoulder Pads
Athletic Support/Pelvic Protector (Jock or Jill) Elbow Pads
Pants Hockey Gloves
Shin Pads Skates
Water Bottle with name on it Hockey Bag
Hockey Stick

For info on sizing and placement, check out the Hockey Canada Equipment Poster.

For more equipment tips, check out the Hockey Canada Safety Requires Teamwork & Safety for All Manual, pages 66 to 93.

For a video on Proper Equipment Fitting, click here for the Hockey Canada Equipment Fitting Introduction Video.

These resources and more are available from the Hockey Canada page “Downloads and Resources to Keep Hockey Safe“.

Can I request to play with a friend?

Yes!  We do accommodate Friend Requests when teams are formed in mid-November.

Starting off with a friend on the team helps our young players feel more comfortable and enthusiastic about coming to the rink!

We ask that requests are limited to 1 or 2 friends only with similar age and ability.

Are there additional team fees for PAMHA U7?

There are NO ADDITIONAL FEES FOR PAMHA U7!  For some reason, we get this question often.  🙂

For the 2023-2024, $325 covers the entire season and there is NO fundraising.

We do request a small number of parent volunteers to assist at the arena during our Robin’s Jamboree in January.

What is a Jamboree?

A Jamboree is like a tournament where teams from various Associations come together and play several games in a day.  Unlike a tournament, there are no additional games or playoffs leading to an eventual winner.

When entering a Jamboree, we mix players from our Mite and Tyke Divisions to form “Jamboree Teams”.

What is The refund policy for U7?

Full refund may be requested up to 21 days from the U7 Start Date.  Refund requests must be emailed to pamha.u7@gmail.com Attn: Treasurer.

Refund requests after 21 days will be subject to a $30 PAMHA Administration Fee and pro-rated on a weekly basis to the end of the calendar year.  Refunds will not be approved after December 31st.  If a jersey has been assigned, it must be returned before a refund is provided.